Weekend amidst Nature at Jakson Inns – Part 2

After a long day 1 in Phaltan, Jakson Inns took us to Satara on Day 2 of our stay, starting with Ajinkyatara Fort, followed by Thoseghar Waterfall and the major highlight of the trip – Pussegaon Windmills.

The day started with a wonderful breakfast by the swimming pool.

We began our journey and were delighted to see breezy and rainy sky once we crossed Phaltan to our first stop – Ajinkyatara Fort!

The fort is in heart of Satara city and sits on the Ajinkyatara Mountain at a height of 3300 feet. It offers a brilliant view to the entire city, something that you shouldn’t miss out on your trip.

We walked to the waterfall after a beautiful curvy road drive. It had started drizzling which made the route even more scenic. As the rain dropped on us from atop, we could hear the gushing sound of the waterfall from somewhere very near. We started walking faster and so did the rain. As we reached the main area, the heart took a deep sigh to the breath-taking view in front of us, falling down from a height of 350m.

As the waterfall made us feel heavenly, the next destination had something more in store.

How many times has your car or a long-distance train passed by a windmill far away on a higher ground? That’s a lot of yes for me. I have always wondered how these windmills would look from near. Thanks to Jakson Inns, I got to know how.

I stood still, gazing straight at the windmill, in true awe-struck moment, as the wind played with my hair. And the view, with my heart. What added to the entire experience was the beautiful sky kissed with sun and a mix of clouds looking right back at us. As it moved to sunset, we sat there, trying to take in every single moment. (The windmills are beyond access but if you are staying at the Jakson Inns, it is your chance to feel more than a VIP.) The hotel prepared a chai-time moment for us right there while we still couldn’t take our eyes off the huge structure.


We came back to the hotel for a lovely dinner waiting for us at the Green Bean Restaurant!

The Spa facility at the hotel is a must experience after a long day outside. You can also go for an early morning swimming or cycling across the hotel for a rejuvenating experience. You can also add – Bullock Cart Riding, Farm visit, Kaas Plateau visit to your itinerary if you are there for a longer duration.

What stood out for us:

  • The comfortable and well-equipped room
  • The hospitality of the staff
  • The unique itinerary
  • The multi cuisine offerings at the restaurant

What did not stand out for me:

  • I wish I could extend my trip!

Short guide: While you can take your own car to the hotel, they also provide car service while you cover your itinerary. Every long weekend and during festivities, the hotel has special offers. The hotel staff is amazing and will cater to each requirement of yours, including the type of pillow you require once you confirm your trip.

Will I go there again? Definitely a yes! And this time, with my familia.

If you are booking your trip via us, don’t forget to tell in the comments section below!

Megha Shrimali

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