Tiffin service in Mangalore you should try!

In this strenuous life that we live in, having good hygienic food is a forbidden blessing. Moreover, deciding upon healthy choices and junk food cravings makes it exhausting for us. In most such scenarios, opting for a tiffin service seems accurate over ordering food from restaurants everyday. It is not just healthy, hygienic, delivers at a particular time reminding you it is Lunch time but also is, without doubt, cost-effective. 

I have tried out many tiffin services in Mumbai and personally feel that an immense effort goes in making and maintaining a successful tiffin service business. Consistent taste, offering variety and building a customer relationship is a chore as the business grows. Some I personally know have managed to sustain it well. But that’s an expected story when you have a great infrastructure and expertise in big cities. In smaller towns it definitely becomes a challenge to start something like this and prolong. 

My worry started when my 83 year old Grandmother who stays in Mangalore told my mom that she is finding it arduous to prepare a meal for herself everyday. She stays alone, finds it taxing to cook at this age, doesn’t want a maid and still loves to eat good food. That’s when we decided to find her a delivery service, but we knew that was going to be a never ending search. After all she stays in one remote corner, around 5kms away from the city and there aren’t services like Swiggy and Zomato that would help good restaurants to deliver lunch or dinner.

It was by chance that we received a WhatsApp on a group which shared details about Tiffin services in Mangalore. Surprisingly we stumbled upon exactly 10 options in the search for such services. 7 out of those refused to deliver to our desired addressed. 2 numbers never bothered to call a potential customer. Which left me with 1 option only whose service was within our vicinity and agreed to deliver to my Grandmom’s address. Great start!

Yaladal Homemade Tiffin Service it was called! The owner Shridhar Y.R was happy to address all my queries one after the other about the food, pricing, menu and payments.
What he did to accommodate my assurance was offered a weekly or daily plan instead of forcing upon a monthly plan. He also gave me an option to pay at the end of the week once he completed his services. This tempted me in trying out the service for a week. Also, considering the pricing for a week wasn’t going to be too much it wasn’t going to be an expensive experiment. So the checklist started ticking in right. Delivery – Tick. Payment Process – Tick. Next was the menu and the pricing.

When the menu was whatsapped to me it took us quite sometime to digest the facts. It said INR 50 for a Vegetarian Meal and INR 70 for a Non Vegetarian Meal which included 1 plate of steamed / brown rice, one veg subzi, one non-veg curry of the day, 2-3 pieces of Chicken Fry, Rasam and Buttermilk. Yes, all this for a freaking INR 70. Monday & Thursday would be Egg Curry, Tuesday & Friday would be Chicken Curry and Wednesday & Saturday would be Fish curry. If one wanted to upgrade to a complete Thali, adding in options of Chappatis, Raita and Payasam they could by adding just INR 30 more. That’s a steal deal! So with the Menu and Pricing also ticked out, my last challenge was the taste. With an order placed for a week at just INR 420 for a non-veg meal, I patiently waited for my grandmother to share her review. The meal was promised to be delivered between 12:00pm and 1:00pm. 

However, at the strike of 12:00pm the food was personally delivered by Shridhar himself. Apparently, he takes out his car and goes on a ride in the town to deliver the food himself to his customers and more importantly before or on-time. That surely is a sign of a hungry business ensuring everything goes right everyday.

Having said that, my grand mother had given her final verdict and it said it was absolutely delicious. With days passing by her verdict just got better. Shridhar made sure to take a feedack directly from her and readily customised the meal options by removing Rasam and Buttermilk and replacing it with a Payasam variant everyday. 

That surely displays the discipline of believing that customers and their needs come first and that business will make money no matter what, if you have happy customers. So if you are staying in Mangalore and you miss homemade food in hostels, at work or simply want someone to have a good meal, this is a sure short reliable and recommended service. 

Name: Yaladal Homemade Tiffin Service
Contact: +91-8277301782 (Shridhar Y.R)

Which tiffin service do you vouch for in your city?

Signing off,
Dakshin Adyanthaya

  1. Sounds more like a Mission in Social Service rather than Profit orientation. It is great to serve the needy and in the process make a business out of it kudos Sreedhar. All the best.

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