The saga of Korean Pop aka K-Pop

What K-Pop stands for? Is it Korean Pop or Kings of Pop? *wink wink*

With the Korean pop stars taking over the world with their revolutionary music, K-Pop is becoming quite popular in the Western countries. K-Pop specifically stands for South Korean music. The French Institut National de l’audiovisuel’s definition for K-Pop is – “It is a combination of synthesized music, subtle dance routines and colorful outfits.”


If you remember BTS’ performance at AMA, then you must have noticed the excitement on Ansel Elgort’s face while filming the K-Pop band performing their hit song “DNA” live. The band also won ‘Top Social Artist’ award at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards and that one moment only defines how this Korean wave has wooed everyone by its charm.

Fan pages and accounts of these popstars can be seen all over Facebook and Twitter that post time to time about their favourite K-Pop stars– from news to facts, every tiny detail spreads like a wildfire among the fans. But beware of these fans; they may get you by your neck if you say a word against their Kings or Queens.

But what makes K-Pop artists different from the rest of the artists in the world?

Origin –The rise of K-pop boy bands was first marked in the country of cherry blossoms, Japan. K-Pop idol culture began from the band H.O.T. in 1996 but the modern K-Pop scene was commenced by TVXQ and BoA. Since the mid-2000s, the East Asian music market was dominated by K-pop.

Style – The way these stars dress up is indeed “cool”. They maintain their quirky yet pretty style which makes both the girls and the boys drool over them. The fashion sense of these stars has been inspired by Japanese Gyaru fashion.

Music – There is a thing about the Eastern music that makes everyone adore it. Not only Korean but even Chinese and Japanese music is so beautiful and soothing to ears. But the modern K-Pop is heavily influenced by the Western music and that’s the reason that they even add a rap verse in between their songs.

Cuteness factor – Oh well, whether it’s EXO, BTS, Red Velvet, SHINee or BLACKPINK, all of them are “kawaii” in their own manner.

Huge in number – Only two or three K-Pop bands consist of number of members less than 6. Most of the groups have 8-10 members. It’s an old tradition to have a large number of members in each group. But the bigger, the better. One may think that it must be hard for an individual to be noticed among others but no, there is no such problem. Each member stands out and has its own fan following.

Choreography – They can sing, they can dance and they can steal your heart. The choreography of each and every music video is so extra-ordinary that one cannot take their eyes off and ends up breaking the replay button. Practice is the key to get that perfect synchronization and that’s what these stars do. Once they have been hired by the agency, they keep on working on their vocals and dance every day.

It’s indeed a break in the music industry when the Eastern artists are getting the attention and fame they deserve. It’s good to see music from all over the world being recognized apart from US and UK based artists. More power to K-Pop artists!

Written by,
Srishti Millicent

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