Italy on your plate at Focaccia, Hyatt Regency Chennai

How often do you spend an evening delightedly enriched with the savour straight from Italy? But even so more, how often are you served the wholesome flavours of Italy with appetising tales of the culinary journeys and cultures of Italy?

That’s the kind of aura that Focaccia binds you with at Hyatt Regency, Chennai.

An interactive lit setting, an open kitchen culture, the subtle conversations over a glass of wine, the fresh aroma of Risotto and the artistic finish to a meal master-pieced from the chef, moods for a perfect meal here at Focaccia. But that’s just a juke box to what unfolds here.

Even before you can indulge in the affection of cheese, the conversations with the native Chef Mauro Ferrari, engrosses you with more than just his aperitifs. The fables take centre stage on how he loves to presents his salver, simple and precise. And that remains consistent throughout every course he serves. While every dish had its own personality, we picked 6 of our favourite dishes that you must find your plates filled at the Focaccia:

1) The enchanting Burrata Cheese served on the soft base of Baked Onions, immersed graciously in Yellow Capsicum coulis. This photogenic appetiser not just steals attention visually but also brings out mouth full of zests on to the plate. You probably would end up finishing this off in a jiffy so don’t fret to order another one already. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

2) Appetising crunchy salad routed with nuts and perfectly blended with the ting of sweet and sour pleases you in all appeals. This salad adds the chomp to the plate with lettuce and sprouts showered with smoked Ricotta cheese, dry fruits and salted almond. But what lies inside is what brings it alive. The underlying layer of grapes surprises your tastebuds taking it to a completely novice level of salads. A Must Try!

3) Ravioli! The spoken sound of it is enough to convince the engrosser to order it. Embraced in parcels together with Swiss Chard and Garlic Confit, settled on Yellow Pepper Coulis, this Chili Ravioli keeps it accurately light for a portion to gear up before the main course. Served with 6 pieces in a platter, make some space for the circle of Italian love.

4) Risotto al fungi polio tartufo – Here is where the creamy fling gets romantically relishing! Cooked over a bed of rice lavishly blended with Parmesan cheese, drizzled with Truffle oil and bonded with Mushrooms, this delectability is too much to ask for. See a Risotto on the menu and blindly just order one.

5) Celery root puree, mix sautéed mushrooms and fried polenta! Pretty average by its appeal when it comes to the name but this main course could possibly change your preferences to opt for a vegetarian main course than opting for a meat based portion. Crisp and nicely fried Polenta when swiped with creamy celery root puree introduces to a relatively new combination of flavours, not to forget the mushrooms just makes it better. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

6) Not just another Creme Brûlée! Like mentioned in our earlier reviews, being a huge fan of a perfect Creme Brulee, makes you try it without a doubt, whenever you find it. However, you always end up being disappointed. Adding on to our best list of Masala Chai Creme Brûlée served at St. Regis and Crispy Jalebi Creme Brûlée at the Oxford Golf Course, we could manage to find another add-on to this list. The Lavender Creme Brulee! The subtle hint of Lavender on the caramelised shelter to the melting custard within, is a beautiful finish to the meal. Fellowed with fresh fruits and chocolate wafer stick, make this your perfect ending!

While Focaccia leaves you with a great traditional taste of Italy, don’t just leave there with a satisfied appetite, engage with the staff and the head chef Ferrari and take some a lot of stories back home to tell.

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