Feast yourself at the Intercontinental Hotel, Mahabalipuram

The picturesque landscape of Mahabalipuram disaffiliates itself from the montage of Chennai and the French infused culture of Pondicherry. Apart from the scalding weather, from the flawless architectural builts composed at shore of the Bay of Bengal to the mesmerising settings for dawns and the dusks, Mahabalipuram lets you live the time you deserve. But when it comes to settling your palates satisfied, you can definitely explore the best of all cultures right here at Intercontinental Hotels, Mahabalipuram. While our previous conversation enfolded the property, here is what the kitchen at Intercontinental Hotel, Mahabalipuram has to offer.

Within this escape pod abides a platter of world cuisine at the Melting Pot and you can further explore the world of Oriental cuisine at a cosy fine-dine experience at Tao Of Peng.

The salver rendered at the Melting Pot shares five prime live counters – Japanese, Continental, English Breakfast, Indian and Fruits & Juices stands. Each counter is stacked with generous options to relish on to. However on most occasions, buffets aren’t the best of conversations  because very few dishes out of the wholesome course seem to be worth a bite. But having said that, Melting Pot stands out by focusing on each shelf, distinguishing zests. Maybe that’s why customers drive down 50kms to get their hands on perhaps one of the best brunches offered in Chennai.

The Breakfast spread extends from Noodles, Pancakes, Waffles, Sausages and Salads to Indian delicacies like Dosas, Chole Paranthe, Pav Bhaji and more. The afters offer donuts, danish puffs, eclairs and more, but it isn’t even close to what the dinner menu offers. And that’s not restricted to only the desserts. The dinner menu brings along the grills, the salads, the pastas and the comfort Indian delicacies, too tempting to not try it all. But make sure to reserve some space if you have a sweet tooth. Drool-worthy alters displayed across two shelves will want you to take an additional plate along.

But if everything is not what you are looking for, stay focused only at Tao Of Peng, and there wouldn’t be an inch of regret. The oriental specialist offers the best of Dimsums, along with presenting extravagant choices. Tao signifies a ‘path’ or ‘route’ while Peng refers to Chef Peng Chang-Kuei (an inventor of some of the most popular dishes in Chinese cuisine). The canvas however is laid best for the masterpiece painted by Chef Avinash. If you are here, you have to make sure you treat yourself with the Dimsum Art Platter. 9 to 10 contrasting mix of vegetarian and non-vegetarian options, brushed out beautifully is not only a treat to the eyes but also a treat to the palates.

The non-vegetarian assortment consisted of Sin Har Gau – a traditional Chinese half moon shape dumplings with prawns, Scallop Sui Mai – topped with Salmon Keta Caviar, Lobster Money bags – Steamed Dumplings served with flying Fish roe, Sea Bass Dumpling – Translucent steamed Chilean Sea Bass, Chicken Shao Mai – Traditional Dumplings with Wonton skin and Goji Berries, While the vegetarian delight consisted of Black Truffle Edamame – Green Soy Bean Paste enriched with the flavours of Black Truffles, Crystal Vegetable Dumpling – Translucent Dumplings with Shitake, Water chestnuts, Carrots & Yam Beans, Assorted Mushroom Dumpling – Melange of hon Shimeji, Ceps, Enokitake and Button Mushrooms, Poached Peking Vegetable Dumpling – Served in a spicy tangy sauce.

It’s a sight to watch it being served to you. So even if you aren’t a fan of dismiss, for the sake of uploading something interesting on your instagram, order it! The a la carte menu extends further to some worthy options to try out.

All in all, if you think the out skirt of Chennai has nothing to offer great when it comes to food, you know where you haven’t been yet. Go feast yourself at the Intercontinental Hotels Mahabalipuram.

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