Did you know this about Sikkim?


A northeastern state of India has found a new way to protect both environment and local tradition.

The people of Sikkim can now adopt a tree to be their child or sibling! According to the new Initiative, residents can now preserve nature by forming lasting bonds with trees by adopting them and making it their ‘Mitini’.


The Sikkim Forest Tree (Amity and Reservation) Rule states the following:

This follows the age old tradition of the relationship of man and nature. What’s the procedure you may ask?
1. Firstly, you have to pick a tree from your personal land/property or that of public (in the case of latter, government permission is required)

2. Fill out authorization forms

3. Go through Assistant Conservator of Forest Assessment.

Once approved, welcome the new member of your family – a tree! And beware, any damage to your Mith/Mitini can cause you to face a forest offense.

What are your thoughts about this initiative?

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