Dining Escape at China House Lounge, Grand Hyatt Mumbai

A stylish upmarket dining escape for flavours of China – China House Lounge in Grand Hyatt Mumbai is a recently launched – India’s first lounge powered by Johnnie Walker.


The first walk to the huge door exposes you to the adventures and the stories of China. The medallions at the entrance showcase various fables and culture of the exotic country. Once you enter, you would notice that the China House Lounge is heavily influenced by the Prohibition Era of 1920-40s in China – when the alcohol was banned. Like for instance, every spirit at the lounge is hidden. Cocktails are served in wooden barrels or covered with attires. You will also find a section containing drinks which is hidden in the compartments made for sitting. The best possible way to explore your journey would be to ask for a short tour to get acquainted with the rich stories which just adds to the enjoyment.


The setting here further instigates you to probe the souvenirs on your table or the fascinating tales behind the beverages. The brick walled setting, dimmed-fancy lighting, candle lit tables and ice-chuckling sounds at the bar brings out the aesthetics of the night life here.
Start at the bar and you would be dazzled by the cocktails prepared by the Bar Chefs – yes, they are called Bar Chefs and not Bartenders because they work on infusing and curating the best ingredients in the drinks. While everything here captivates you to explore more, here are 5 things you should try out at The China House Lounge.

  • Mob Boss: The Gangsta’s favourite poison! The story casts a love for alcohol amongst most people in the Prohibition Era but secretively indulging in it. The motley of rum and oranges in a bottle accompanied by cashew nuts, hidden between a book, speaks a lot about how concealed the mob was from these desires. 

  • Navari: If there was an accolade for the Best Dressed Drink Of The Evening it would undoubtedly be awarded to Navari! Story draws back to a Chinese traveller, who was visiting Maharashtra, was bewitched by the traditional attire.That’s why this Guava & Gin amalgamation, inspired by the local flavours, hits the right cord with taste and refreshment.
    A Must Sip!

  • Baos: A lot can go wrong with as simple as getting a Bao right! These however, stuff the mood with the filling of succulent Duck or Kung Pao Chicken. Soft, delicious and blended with the right aggregate of meat and sauces, definitely not a dry affair. If you swing the vegetarian alternate, opt for the Mushroom Bao. 

  • Prawns Spring Roll: This crunchy appetiser satiates the desire to pair well with a great glass of cocktail. The entire crust is filled with juicy prawns stuffing. Dip it or bite through the entire roll, it taste equally appetising. 

  • Tiramisu: The legendary favourite Tiramisu, served in a waffle cone and topped with the drips of Kahlua makes it a classic ending to the menu. Served in 3 cones, this dessert doesn’t need too much of space in your appetite to be accommodated. Between the Pops and Tiramisu, this according to us makes a great choice in the list. 

So if you are looking for a great nightlife along with brilliant combinations of beverages and food, you know where you need to go to find your stories for the night. 

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