Andheri goes Loco Loca!

Hey! Free for a cosy brunch or lunch? I want to eat something good and chill at a good place.”
Hey. Sure!
So where do we go? Bandra, Lower Parel or Colaba?”
For a change, how about Andheri?
LOL! You got to be kidding me, right?

Well, this would be a budding conversation but hard to agree upon, basis the choices the ever-crowded lanes of Andheri West would offer. Until now, a great breakfast place would be Woodside Inn and a unsound evening would probably be at Glocal, VIP, Social, Irish House, Bombay Cocktail Bar, Little Door, Lord of the Drinks or a few others. But where does one go to sit, eat and have a good evening? That’s the limitations to what Andheri offers.

And hence a place like Loco Loca brings a freshness to the suburb. Vibrant, Cosy, Open Space stitched together with refreshing cocktails and intriguing food takes care of the other dubiousness.  

Located inside the wardrobe space of The Empresa Hotel in Andheri West, Loco Loca opens to a culture of Spanish and Bombaiya eatables, along with offering a fusion of Global cuisine. As far as the name goes, in Spanish, Loco stands for a Crazy and Loca stands for a Queen/Girl. Unsubtly calling in to unhinge and nibble on to some mouth-watering delicacies. 

While the place has a great vibe, dig in below to see the 5 things, according to us, you should try here!

Batata Bravas: What happens when you fuse the popular Spanish grub, Patatas Bravas with Bombay’s favourite nibble, the Misal Pav. It results in a perfectly blended affection called the Batata Bravas. The version served here aids the Potato cubes which are substituted by spicy Misal instead of spicy Tomato sauce. This definitely is a must try!

Avocado + Feta Toast: If greens are your preferred shade, this healthy supremacy should be your favourite pick here. This classic is served in a 3 piece portion plate and is suffice to fill your appetite without compromising on the taste.

Chicken Thai Thigh: We personally feel this is the most photogenic alter in the menu. Juicy Chicken Thigh meat is rubbed and grilled with Thai spices. Moist and mouthwatering!
Comes with a good portion of meat and pairs great with some Beer cocktails.


The Khopoli Croquettas: Clone the essence and curate to make the very own version of Vada Pav! This version of the popular Croquettes comes sprinkled with typical Ghati Masala and is served with Mint Chutney, making this a hot and crispy vegetarian appetiser to fill your plate and appetite well. 

Chicken Yakitori: From the grill to the table! Yakitori is nothing but Grilled Chicken Skewers, a popular Japanese dish which is infused with the Togarashi spices – another Japanese seasoning. Grab a drink, skew through the meat and repeat!  

Whiskey Smoke: While this place offers a great variety of desserts, the Whiskey Smoke is the option to opt for incase you have very little space left in your appetite. Rolled Chocolate Cigar filled with Whiskey Mousse is a pleasing after to end your appetising tale here.


What we also had: Feta & Co (Salad), Confit Chicken & Broon Pav Salad, Harissa Prawns Skewers, Verdure Pizza, Manakeesh Bi Lahm, Chicken Randang, Verdure Parmigiana!


Opens on 27th July (tomorrow!) in Andheri West.

Now that you know where to head next for a cosy affair, we are taking off to bring you another story! 

¡Buen provecho! ¡Buen apetito!

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