A love of its own by Srishti Millicent

A look into the changing trends of the music videos and how the various artists are promoting LGBTQ rights through their music.

“Save your first and last dance for me, I don’t need no white wedding.”

One must be familiar with this song but if not, then let me tell you something about it. The song’s title is “BWU”, an abbreviation to “Be With You”, written by identical twins Tegan and Sara. The music video shows lead singer Sara proposing a girl on her knees. Yes, that’s right! She proposes a “girl” to marry her. It is amazing how artists like Tegan and Sara are open about their sexual preferences and don’t hesitate in promoting homosexuality through their songs. All such songs come under “LGBT Music”, a genre that focuses on LGBT issues.

If we trace down the history then many eminent names like David Bowie, Freddie Mercury, George Michael, Joan Jett and Bono of U2 are the rebels who came out in public and even used their music to promote the same. Similarly the new generation artists like Sam Smith, Troye Sivan, Frank Ocean, Adam Lambert and Olly Alexander from Years & Years wear the badge of homosexuality with pride.

Not only the homosexual artists but even other artists have started to produce songs based on LGBTQ issues. Long gone are the days when it was a girl confessing her love for the boy and vice versa. Alexandra Lilah Denton, known by her stage name Shura, released a song named “Touch” in 2016 from her album ‘Nothing’s Real’. People of different genders can be seen kissing each other in her music video including heterosexuals, bisexuals, homosexuals and pansexuals. The animated music video is based on people confused about their sexual preference which represents the present state of world and the lives of people in a well manner.

Many instances of the songs promoting LGBTQ can be found now-a-days. “Girls like Girls” by American singer Hayley Kiyoko is a song that describes the love story of two girls. Then comes ‘Take me to church’ by Hozier that takes homosexuality and the beliefs around it to the next level. The Irish musician explains through his song that love in every form can be pure, whether it is between two same sexes.

Well, not only the West but even the Indian music industry promotes the LGBTQ rights. 6 Pack Band, a band of six transgender women namely Fida Khan, Ravina Jagtap, Asha Jagtap, Chandni Suvarnakar, Komal Jagtap and Bhavika Patil, from Mumbai sings in Hinglish (combination of Hindi and English). The band has even performed with prominent Bollywood artists like Hrithik Roshan and Sonu Nigam. Their debut song – “Hum hai happy” was a cover of Pharrell Williams’ song “Happy”.

So a change can be seen in the music and the music industry. It wasn’t easy before when homosexuality was considered to be a sin or illegal. But with changing times, people are more open about it in the industry and they are expressing their feelings through their songs.

Written by,
Srishti Millicent

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